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York, Maine
Grooming Spa and Pet Sitting
Let your dog enjoy the treat of being groomed at our spa!! It's guaranteed your dog has never looked or felt better!

Professional Pampering by our Certified Canine Cosmetologist. Also certified in Animal Behavior, small animal C.P.R., Canine Nutrition, Essential Oil Therapy, Reiki, trained in Show Grooming, specializing in AKC standards and pampering the elderly and shy special needs clients. 

Prices vary as each particular breed has different styling needs. Prices are based on the amount of time we spend pampering your pet. Factors may include: if the dog is groomed regularly, the condition of the coat, being combed at home by mommy and/or daddy, well behaved spa clients etc.

Please call with any questions regarding starting prices for you particular breed standard.

All Green Dog Spa Clients receive complimentary cookie breaks and potty walks!!! Please take advantage of our paw-tty walk. What a nice little trail to enjoy with your best friend.

The B&B-

Green Dog Bath and Brush Out: Relaxing and Calming Flower Essense treatment, 2 Hydro-therapy massaging baths, a Blueberry Vanilla Facial, Oatmeal and Tea Tree Paw Treatment, All Natural Color Enhancing Shampoos as needed, "Fluff" hand dried always, complete brush out, nails trimmed, pads of feet trimmed, ear plucking and cleaning, perfume

The Neaten-Up-

Includes B&B plus neaten-up trimming around paws, ears, loose ends, sanitary areas, and others as desired.

Full Luxury Spa Groom-

Neaten-up plus full haircut from nose to tail using scissors and/or clipper, de-shedding treatment as needed. Specialized to your specific desired look.

De-matting can be very time consuming and costly- not to mention painful. We suggest a more comfortable alternative.

                    SAFETY PROCEDURES

We take the care of your pet very serious!
We will never leave your pet unattended on a grooming table or in a tub.
We will never use a "choker" type loop on your pet when he/she is on the table.
We will most likely never kennel dry your pet at all, but if we do feel it's necessary, it will never be with any heated type of dryer.  There are some pets that are so scared of the blow dryer so we will  be getting in a mild, non-heating ,dryer for kennel drying these pets.
We will always stop any procedure if it becomes dangerous due to the stress level and or behavior of your pet.
We will always stay calm and help your pet in the event of an emergency.

Additional Spa Services-

Shedding Shampoo Treatment $10
Reduces shedding by 60-80% and promotes healthy skin& coat
Mud Wrap $15
A deep penetreating, luxurious mud treatment that cleans, nurishes and detoxifies. Adds body, shine, and gloss. Jojoba, olive, and macadamia oils. (Great for dry skin.)
Strawberry Milk Bath $10
Natural Milk Prteins moisturize, soften, and condition skin and coat.
Medicated Baths  $8-15
Treats hot spots, seborrhea, and red itchy conditions. Pulls moisture from the air to hydrate skin and coat. Speeds healing and eliminates odors.
Theraputic Essential Oil Treatments $5-15
Skunk Bath $20 (By appointment only)
Teeth Brushing  & enzyme gel
   $10 or more if medicated Shampoo is required
Gland Expression  $10
Hand-Stripping $1 per minute
Walk-in Nail trimming & Grinding $12
Nail trimming, grinding, & ear cleaning $18
Ear Plucking and Cleaning $10

We also offer Pick-up and Delivery Service for Grooming!

Pet Sitting

Why kennel your dog when we can treat your dog as if it was our very own!

Overnight Pet Sitting
1 dog- 40$ per night
2 dogs- 50$
3 dogs- 65$ 

Need to run some errands, drop your dog with us for the afternoon. 20$ per day

HomeGrooming Spa and Pet SittingSelf-Service Dog WashPhotosMeet the StaffSpa Hours and LocationContact Me
Specializing in making your pet comfortable from its care with us to its professional styles!!